About Joyce St. George

Joyce St. George announces her candidacy. Photo by Jill Ribich.

Small Business Proprietor

Joyce St. George and her husband Frank Canavan have lived in the our district for more than 30 years. For most of that time, they operated Pact Training from their office in New Kingston, conducting workshops on crisis and conflict management for police departments, government agencies and major corporations.

Rural Health Care and Social Services Advocate

Joyce began serving the Margaretville community as a member and later chairperson of the Board at Margaretville Hospital and the Mountainside Adult Care Facility. More recently, she brought experts together to explore solutions to the opioid crisis. Under the leadership of Joyce and Frank, a struggling community food pantry grew from serving 28 to over 500 clients. But something was drastically wrong if so many people cannot afford to buy food. Her experience brought home the realization that current programs are insufficient, underfunded, and need to be changed.

Corruption Investigator

Trained as a corruption investigator in the New York Attorney General’s office, Joyce wondered what part corruption plays in the challenges facing her community. While researching government policy, Joyce discovered Reclaim NY, a Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon enterprise that is turning up in communities across New York State. Their purpose is to challenge the financial practices of town boards and school districts, sowing mischief and and putting undue strain on local administrations. Joyce has worked tirelessly to expose the influence of “dark money” that flows into our communities to disrupt local government.

Mediator and Educator

Joyce has worked as a mediator in her own business and has taught courses in communications at different colleges. She’s even hosted a local radio show on WIOX called “Conflict Revolution,” that brings people with their own perspectives together to discuss their differences and find common ground. Joyce and Frank hold workshops in the Catskill area on “How to Talk to the Other Side,” a lost art that would be particularly valuable in Albany.

On the Bright Side

It’s not only public service for Joyce St. George. She plays bass guitar with a band, teaches karate, and together with Frank, develops and leads staged historical tours of local cemeteries.

Joyce St. George’s Resumé

Joyce St. George’s Resumé

Decades of experience in bringing people together, combined with an abiding faith in government and justice, and a commitment to progressive ideals that propels a new career in higher public service at these tumultuous times.

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